How to build a surefire reliably predictable lifestyle business (with no telemarketing and no trespassing)

In late 2013, my babies’ momma and me were at a real estate conference in Dallas, Texas.

We signed up for a four day conference and made it through day three. On the morning of day four we decided to skip the event and hold our own conference.

This decision was made based on a story Darren Hardy shared with us about Sir Richard Branson.

Once upon a time, Darren was tasked by a large company’s CEO with hiring Branson as the keynote speaker for their annual meeting.

Darren phoned Richard’s office and was told by the secretary that he was unavailable.

Darren called the next day, same response.

“Well, did you tell Richard that I called?”

“No sir.”

“Well can you tell him this time? Richard and I are old friend.”

“No sir.”

Why in the world not?”

“Richard has given us strict instructions that he is to not be disturbed for any reason.”

“Hmm? Please let him know that ACME Corporation would like him to keynote their upcoming shareholders meeting. They will pay him $100,000 for a one hour speech.”

The next day Darren called again.

“Did you give Richard the generous offer?”

“No sir.”

“Fine! Tell him that ACME is now offering $250,000.”

Next day the offer went higher. And then higher. Finally, the offer rose to $500,000 for an hour speech with a private jet to the meeting and back.

Still nothing.

Darren was at his wits end.

Finally he pleaded with the secretary… “Why oh why are you refusing to give Richard our offer?”

“Richard is working on a very specific strategic objective. He gave us very clear and under no circumstances type instructions to not allow for one single phone call, one single email, or one single new idea to get past us… until he has completed his objective.”

We were blown away by Darren’s speech. The power of focus and implementation is for sure the difference between mediocre and meteoric in this business.

So on the fourth day, we spent the entire time – first outlining our three strategic objectives – and then went to work furiously on the first objective.

Here’s the list we produced that morning:

  • Organize the database
  • Create a printed monthly newsletter
  • Outline and implement a proper communication plan for the database

And the rest… as they say…

That brings us to Good Life Step #3: Organize the “List”

If there is one surefire way to build a lovable lifestyle business – it is done most efficiently and effectively through your list.

A list of all the people you know. All the people you’ve done business with.

Steps 3 & 4 is what has led to the creation of Real Estate Good Life 2.0.

I’ll explain in detail very soon. In a nutshell, I will be writing, printing, processing, and mailing newsletters for the Members.

I know… incredible.

Kid1 (she’s home from college this week) and I discussed this yesterday. I read her the first article written for the members’ newsletters. She said, “That is so good, it gave me the chills!”

She went on to say (regarding the push button newsletter idea), “That idea is amazing!”

I then tested her, “Why is it amazing?”

“Because agents won’t write their own newsletter?”

“You’re right! But why won’t they write their own newsletters?”

“Probably because writing is so hard. And the Monster won’t let them.” she laughed.

(This conversation is not made up or staged. It actually occurred yesterday afternoon)

I was almost in tears with proud excitement – that maybe just maybe – some of the wisdom I attempt to impart on Kid1 is actually sinking in.

Anyhoo, the point is…

To live the Good Life, to build a lovable business, to do now what others won’t – so later you can do what others can’t… all you have to do is follow these simple (super hard) steps:

Step #1: Get crystal clear on exactly what you want in life.

Step #2: Believe you will achieve it.

Step #3: Organize your list.

Step #4: Deploy the newsletter.

Step #5: Build a Lovable business (which doesn’t include bootysmooching)

Step #6: Eliminate all personal debt.

Step #7: Create semi-passive income in excess of living expenses.

Step #8: Live the Good Life.

We’ll go through steps 4-8 over the next few days.

In the meantime, you should really slow down long enough to process the information we are discussing. You can have ANYTHING in life you want (not everything). If you truly believe this… then what are you waiting for?

Have a powerful day my friend,

Yours surely,

Bart “List Builder” Vickrey

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