How Good Do You Want To Be?

How Good Do You Want To Be?
Tonight the Alabama Crimson Tide take on the Georgia Bulldogs for the College Football National Championship.
Nick Saban has been the coach of the Crimson Tide since 2007. During his tenure as head coach Alabama has been to the Championship game six times! That’s six times in eleven years!
Put that into perspective: there are 129 schools that feature Division I football programs. Each team begins the season with hopes of a National Championship and only one team succeeds. And for ONE team they make it to the big game over 50% of the time!
Nick Saban wrote a book in 2007 called, How Good Do You Want To Be? The book is based on a question that Coach Saban asks each of his players and coaches every single year.
This question hit home big time with me today. I suggest you consider the same question on a daily basis. How good do you want to be? Kinda good? Pretty Good? Really Good? Or maybe even Great!

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