Got Beat by a Girl!

In first grade my teacher was Mrs. Young.

I liked her.

One day, not sure why, we’re playing musical chairs.

It’s down to the final two. Me and Angie.

Angie was from the “hoodlum” neighborhood. As my mom called it.

She wore tattered clothing. Her hair always askew. Unpopular. Got picked on.

The music started and we began circling the remaining chair.


Hungry. Like a coyote stalking a shih-tzu (finally got to use shitzoo in a story!).

The music stops and all I have to do is plant my right foot, rotate my pencil thin hips, and plop down on the chair.

I hesitated.


I was six or seven years old. I’m now 47.

It has taken this long for me to finally figure out why I hesitated.

Thanks to the emailing mystery man (who shall remain nameless), I spent more time down the rabbit hole yesterday trying to determine, “How do I know if I’m a blankety blank?”

During this research I discovered – why I hesitated and let Angie win the musical chair showdown back in first grade.

I’ll share that discovery with you tomorrow.

Today, what I wanted to share (scare) with you is this headline from Inman News:


Remember what we talked about in the email I sent you October 11th?

In that email, I shared the frightening news that by the end of 2018 we’ll be at or near 1,400,000 real estate agents in the United States.

On top of that shocking news is that we’re on pace to sell…


Did you read that!!!

Here’s a quote from that October 11th email I sent you:

“Existing home sales in 2018 are on pace for 5,340,000. We finished 2017 with 5,510,000 existing homes sold. The math on my abacus shows 170,000 less homes will sell in 2018 compared with 2017. Yikes!”

On October 12th, I left for Punta Cana.

On October 18th, the 3rd Quarter Existing Home Sales report was released.

You didn’t tell me how bad it was!!!

According to the SAAR (seasonally adjusted annual rate), we are not on pace to sell 170,000 less in homes in 2018 – compared with 2017.

**We are pace to sell 360,000 less homes in 2018!!!**

So do the math.

Hold up, let me grab the abacus…

100,000 more real estate agents, ok got it.

360,000 less homes sold… okay… hmmm… carry the one…


Picture me and Angie circling the chair.

And then the music stops.

So what can we do?

I know.


What to do.

I share ALL of it in the December issue of Good Life Monthly.

Good Life Monthly is available as the sweet nectar’d icing on the Inner Circle cake.

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