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Join the Good Life Inner Circle now and gain INSTANT Access to everything that I utilize in my lifestyle business. A lifestyle business that produces hundreds and hundreds of home sales each and every year… while I work a schedule of No Evenings, No Weekends, and No Fridays.

(*Not hype. Not phone-baloney. A real agent getting real results.)

My personal Mission is to be so absolutely free that my very existence is considered an act of rebellion.

If feel the same way… welcome home.

If you are a real estate agent and a human being – then I know you crave Freedom.

In order to achieve Freedom you must be willing to do what others will not. You must have the guts (when everyone is running in the same direction) to ask… what if I ran in the opposite direction?

The Mission inside the Good Life Inner Circle is Freedom and Personal Greatness. (If you haven’t read the home page of this website, you should.)

In order to achieve Freedom and Personal Greatness you must be willing to leave behind who you are today – in order to become who you desire to be tomorrow.

Total Transformation. Required.

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Inside the Good Life Inner Circle you will find:

  • Find out the 4 simple words uttered by my real estate coach in January of 2008, that has since made me an extra $300,000! These four words have nothing to do with making more cold calls and doesn’t even require you to sell more homes. Applying these 4 words, alone, to your next three transactions will more than pay for your membership for 15 months!
  • How to eliminate commission resistance right out of the gate on your next listing appointment. Imagine never fearing the commission conversation ever again.
  • Learn a secret mind trick for getting people obsessed with reading your Facebook posts. You enjoy reading my emails, don’t you? Admit it, lol! Hmm, ever wonder why you enjoy reading my emails? Secret Jedi “mind trick.”
  • How to get your most important vendors (title reps, mortgage brokers, and home inspectors) to treat you like the Godfather without going to the extreme of placing a severed head in their bed.
  • Oprah Winfrey’s “primal instinct” persuasion secret that can help you create a huge following of ready willing and able homebuyers.
  • A specific 4 word phrase I utilize, with the seller, to ensure I get to meet last in a listing competition.
  • The “Golden Rule” of negotiation that works like magic on a listing appointment to make sure sellers do business with you on your terms.

Inside the Good Life Inner Circle, my entire business model is at your fingertips.

JOIN NOW and plug your finger into the success charged light socket of a real estate sales system that is proven by actual real world results.

Get all of this… and Kardashian booty-sized loads more:

  • The professional pickup artist’s secret (that is also used by President Trump almost every week) to turning the tables on homeowners who try to “beat down” your commission rate.
  • 8 Words any man can use to calm down a seething mad wife or girlfriend! (Nothing to do with real estate, lol, but if you’re a man, these 8 words can make for a better time with your lady friend.)
  • The absolute worst thing you can do when first building a team. I see “teams” make this deadly mistake time after time. When I figured it out, production soared from 20-30 home sales per year – to 100++!

Inside the GLIC (Good Life Inner Circle) you’ll also find:

Shock & Awe Seller Lead Magnet. Quite possibly the #1 most powerful direct mail listing lead generation campaign in the history of real estate sales. Listen closely, this ONE program generated an additional $254,322 in commissions last year. All WITHOUT MAKING A SINGLE COLD CALL!

Niche Affinity Napalm. You want to build a Category of One? A category so impenetrable that competitive agents in your marketplace will surrender with white flag clutched in their tear soaked hands. Find out precisely how to this inside the GLIC.

But wait there’s more!

(yeah, I said it… lol)

JOIN THE GOOD LIFE NOW to get all of the above along with:

  • The EXACT newsletter template I built in January of 2014 that catapulted earnings from “netting” $100 one year (true story) to over $2.2M shortly thereafter.
  • A multi-step direct mail campaign exclusive to “expired” listings that will crawl inside the seller’s psychology and haunt their thoughts until they can’t resist calling you and scheduling an appointment.
  • The single easiest way ever invented to create a surge of “side-money” cash flow into your business (currently being utilized by GLIC Member John Cunningham), that will have you slapping your forehead like an old V8 commercial screaming, “Why didn’t I think of that!
  • A list building (SOI and database) strategy that’s so “retro” your eyes will roll and your list will grow. (Remember, your database/SOI will convert at 10%+ when handled properly. If you are always growing the list and properly communicating – your business becomes simple math and a predictable path).

Get it all for just $59 bucks a month. Cancel at any timeEasily cancel at any time. No rigamarole, flaming hoops, or tar pits to cross over or jump through in order to cancel. Cancel simply and easily at any time.

Try it all for just $59. You’ll have a full 30 days to print out, copy, memorize, swipe, plagiarize (all yours without worry of copyright infringement), and launch.

You can tippy toe out the back door at the end of the 30 days with the entire bounty, loot, and free bonuses in hand… without ever being charged again. (Simply cancel easily and simply at any time before day 31).

Here is what’s included in the GLIC:

Full and complete access to The Business Building Blueprint. The blueprint includes
every single marketing campaign, drip campaign, follow up sequence, script, tracking
sheet, checklist, Buyer representation agreement, Easy Exit Seller Guarantee, 89 Day
Guaranteed Sale program, the Instant Sale program (designed to combat Zillow Offers
and Open Door), the FREE Craigslist program (costs nothing to implement), and on and
on and on.
You’ll get my new Shock & Awe Listing Lead Magnet. This direct mail and video
campaign was launched last year and earned my an extra $254,322 (but who’s
counting?) to the bottom line of the business – without requiring a single COLD CALL.
And you know I hate COLD CALLS!

Includes The Good Life Project: a step by step – color by numbers process for earning
six figures or doubling your income (whichever is greater) in three years or less. A
fool-proof plan for becoming debt-free in five years or less. And a complete 100%
money backed guarantee for creating financial freedom in seven years or less.

Newsletter Marketing System: in 2014 we began mailing a printed monthly newsletter
to 500 hundred of our friends, family members, and past clients. Our business grew
from 115 homes sales, to 151, 206, 268, and then 468! The list is well over 2,000
people now, which directly contributed to our $2,200,000 in commissions earned last

You will get the step by step process I used to design and implement the newsletter.
Along with the strategic breakthrough that allows for local businesses to pay for every
dime of my cost associated with the monthly mailing.

This entire process can begin with the simple implementation of a super low cost

You’ll have access to the template I use (just copy and paste) and copies of dozens of
the newsletters we’ve sent out. Feel free to copy every article and idea if you’d like.
Please do not continue scrolling until you stop for a second and consider what the
concept is for you and your business. The entire plan is always the same:

Build the list!

You continuously build a list. Continuously. Over and over.

You then communicate with this list consistently.

You design marketing campaigns and programs to leverage the concept of One to Many marketing. Once you have copied the One to Many concepts from my material – Your life and business will NEVER be the same.

You’ll also get:

Audio Extravaganza: You will also receive over 20 hours of jam-packed, content filled,
step by step instructions, on exactly how I built my business, run my business, and
details on the systems that operate my business. Keep in mind: If you ARE your business –
you DON’T have a business.

Book Notes: I am an avid reader of books. It is my opinion that books have been more
responsible for my success than I have been! In The Good Life Monthly, you will have
access to dozens of my book notes from the greatest business and personal
development books of all time.

Niche Affinity Groups: this idea alone is worth 100 TIMES your investment! I promise

Take any group you can think of, such as:
● School Teachers
● Law Enforcement
● Firefighters
● Military
● Church Members
● Retirees
● Union Members

Take any group you can think of… apply this concept… and WALLAH! You become the
Go-To real estate agent in each and every group you want to benefit.


One on One Business Breakthrough call!

In the program, you will receive a complete Business Assessment. After completing the
assessment questionnaire, we will get on the phone together and develop a full proof
plan for reaching your business goals. The call will be recorded and sent to you for
future listening.

The 10 Commandments of Real Estate Sales Success

A copy of my book “The 10 Commandments of Real Estate Sales Success”… this book
is awesome and you’ll absolutely love it! This book is the culmination of the over 20+
years I’ve spent in this business and the more than $150,000 I’ve spent on personal
development, coaching, seminars, conferences, you name it. I’ve boiled down exactly
what you can do right now in your business and your life to get the Exact desired results
you are striving for!

The 10 Commandments of Real Estate Lead Generation

A copy of “The 10 Commandments of Real Estate Lead Generation”… if you have a
lead problem in your business… this will absolutely solve it! A step by step guide to
install each and every one of the 10 Lead Generation Pillars I use day today in my real
estate business! At the end of the day… we are all in the lead generation business… this
book will completely revolutionize the way you think about lead generation.

The 10 Commandments of Money Mastery

A copy of “The 10 Commandments of Money Mastery”. A breakdown of all the mistakes
I’ve made with money over the years and what I’ve learned from them. This process has
taken me from Dead-Broke to knocking on the door of complete Financial Freedom. My
plan for you is simple: Debt-Free and Financial Freedom in seven years or less.
Scripts: for SOI, Expireds, FSBO’s, Buyers, and of course Sellers.

Knowing what to say, how to say, and when to say it… can be the difference between
mediocre and meteoric in your business and in your bank account! You will get the
exact scripts and dialogues we use on a day to day basis in our business.


Checklists for each and every one of the 10 Pillars of Lead Generation. You will have all
10 Pillars up and running within one year… the key to that… easy to follow and
implement Checklists!

Income Freedom Formula

The Income Freedom Formula… this will give you the exact formula for earning the
income you desire… based on the size of your SOI and the # of other lead generation
pillars you have in place… you will know precisely how many people you will need to
contact each and every day… in order to reach your goals.

Listing Presentation

The exact Listing Presentation that my team uses to “get” 87% of the listing
appointments they go on! Along with the Market Domination Pre-List Packet that goes
out to all “potential” listing appointments… and set appointments that create the tone
and pre-sell us to the prospect. These are pre-built tools for your arsenal!

VIP Buyer Presentation

You will get our VIP Buyer Presentation (exclusive buyer agreement)… this one 3 page
document will change your life forever! Your buyer prospects will be falling all over
themselves to sign it… and once they do, the buyer will be locked in and loyal to you as
their agent… and they will be over the moon excited to be represented by you, the real
estate Expert!

If you’ve made it this far in the sales letter you really have no choice but to make the
investment. You only have one life. And that one life is short.

If you care for yourself and your family, you’ll get results. If you care enough for yourself
and your family, you’ll get incredible results!

Success is the study of the obvious. If you find someone that is successful, you study
them and you study what they do, obviously.


Good Life Monthly:

On top of everything else, each month you will also receive exclusive access to the Good Life Monthly. Imagine an interactive learning, creative thinking inducing, info-tainment extravaganza each and every month similar to what you experienced HERE and HERE.

Now imagine, on top of that, at least an entire book filled with fresh ideas, thoughts, musings, principles, and philosophies designed to promote and nuture your Hero’s journey to life transformation and world transformation. Every month. New and fresh and more – every month.

Also, included each month is the exact copy of the newsletter that I send to my database/SOI. The very newsletter that doubled my business and catapulted me from treadmill grinding and cold calls to NO telemarketing or trespassing. This is the platform that all of my One to Many marketing is based upon.

Also, you will receive copies of member’s newsletters that have been implemented into their businesses. And the stories and candid conversations around how they did it.

Please join me is changing your life. Please join me in changing the World: Good Life November 2018!

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are actual texts from current Members:

(yes, actual texts – from my phone to the member – direct access)

The text above was in reference to the December issue of Good Life Monthly. A life-altering (not kidding) monthly newsletter that is the icing on the good life cake.

This text is in reference to the newsletter I encourage (over and over again until you do it!) members to implement into their business. We are building a lovable business. THE only way to build a lovable business is through One to Many marketing.

A business built on cold calls (telemarketing) and door knocking (trespassing) cannot be sustained and be lovable simultaneously. Despite what ALL the GooRoo Coaches and OG Brokers try to force down your gullible gullet.

Another GLIC Member commenting on their newsletter.

Good Life Principle #1: Freedom is Everything.

The first step to freedom is financial freedom. The first step to financial freedom is debt-freedom.

In the Good Life we are always building the list. And we are always communicating consistently with the list through One to Many marketing.

Below is an email from a Member that quit the GLIC. Yes, I’m including an email from someone that quit the program. Why? Read it and you’ll see.

Doug is a great dude. What an incredible email to get from a guy that canceled his membership. And as per protocol, I let immediately canceled his membership. My hope is, one day he’ll come back to the Good Life.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Hopefully you’ll make the decision to Join Me in the Good Life.