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Welcome to the World's Greatest Real Estate Agent Membership!

Gain access to EVERYTHING for only $59/mo (cancel at anytime without jumping through flaming hoops).


*Please note: This membership is ONLY for real estate agents interested in financial independence.

What is financial independence?

Our Mission (fancier word for goal) is to help real estate agents reach financial independence by focusing on building a protective moat around our business and a financial moat around our families.

Financial Independence is reached when your "automatic" income exceeds your living expenses.

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Here's everything included in your Good Life Inner Circle membership:

  • The One to Many Marketing Manifesto

    Discover the details of the marketing philosophy that completely revolutionized my business model. How I went from a cold-calling, trespassing, door knocking, bootysmooching pussyfooter… to a Real Estate Jedi: working no evenings, no weekends, and no Fridays and enjoying the fabulous fruits of my lovable labor.

  • Gain Instant Access to the most underrated "category of one" marketing campaign ever implemented!

    In the first four years after installing a printed monthly newsletter (paid for by my business referral network) into the business my number of homes sold went from 151 to 208 to 263, and then to 468!

  • Push the Join Now button and gain instant access.

    Everything you are reading now… all of the details, checklists, videos, hundreds of hours of audio recordings, newsletter templates, dozens and dozens of newsletter examples, the Shock & Awe listing lead magnet, the Business Referral Network, the Buy-Sell-Give game changer, the 10 Commandments of Real Estate Sales Success, etc, etc… is ALL available to you the INSTANT you Join.

But wait! There's more...

  • 1-On-1 Private Chat with your new best friend in real estate

    Included in your membership is a one on one private conversation with yours truly. If after the call you don’t KNOW for a FACT that this membership is about to change your life forever… you can cancel without question, hassle, of jumping through a flaming hoop of fire.

  • Check out the Shock & Awe Listing Lead Magnet

    Quite possibly the greatest seller listing lead magnet in the history of real estate sales! Send this direct mail 10 step series (all the postcards, sales letters, copywriting, and graphic design has been done!) to ALL listing leads (SOI, Facebook, Expired, FSBO, etc) and sit back and listen for the ring-a-ding of your phone ringing. In the first year of our launch of the Shock & Awe direct-mail campaign we earned an extra $254,322.

  • How to Build a Lovable Business

    If you are to spend the best years of your life “working” it can ONLY be done at the helm of a Lovable business. Listen in and read the details of this deep dive instructional learning system that will completely transform the way to think about both your business and your life.

Also included... the greatest real estate agent newsletter on the planet!

Along with instant access to EVERYTHING listed above (and so much more)... you also will receive - lovingly mailed to your doorstep each and every month... the Good Life Monthly newsletter. A printed monthly newsletter with mind bending content about Mindset, Marketing, and Money. A must have for any real estate agent in pursuit of the Good Life.

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Also included in your Good Life Inner Circle Membership:

Find out the four simple words...

uttered by my real estate coach in January of 2008, that has since made me an extra $300,000 (no joke). Apply these four words (alone) to your next three transactions and you will more than pay for your Good Life Inner Circle Membership for the next two years!

How to eliminate commission resistance...

right out of the gate on your next listing appointment. Imagine never fearing the commission conversation again. I'm an introvert, once I applied this method my life changed forever!

Learn Oprah Winfrey's "primal instinct" persuasion secret...

that will create for you a huge following of ready willing and able homebuyers. If you ever wondered what makes Oprah so endearing... once you hear this... you will slap your forehead and yell, "Why didn't I think of that!"

Make sure to use this 4 word phrase...

that I utilize, with the seller, to ensure that I get to meet last in a listing competition. And if you know anything about listing competitions... going last is the gateway to many more listings.

There's literally TOO MUCH to list!

If you are not completely blown away by all that's included in your Good Life Inner Circle membership... you can simply cancel immediately, get your dough refunded, and KEEP everything listed above!

(YES, you did read that correctly. That's how confident I am in the real estate agent Good Life Inner Circle)


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