From worst to 1st

On July 27th 1998 the state of Indiana said I was worthy enough to sell real estate.

Working part-time until January of 2000 I learned real estate through the school of hard knocks.  You know as well I as I do that most real estate offices offer little if any training.  So at the end of 1999 my wife, Stacey, convinced me to tackle real estate full-time.

In making the transition from part-time to full-time, I also decided to leave the company I was at and join the #1 firm in Valparaiso Indiana.

On January 7th 2000 I nervously staggered into my broker’s office to give him the news I was leaving.  I explained my plan and let him know it included a different brokerage.  He asked which office I would join, and I told him.  Here’s what happened next…

Frank walked around his stately desk offered me his big paw, looked me in the eyes, and said, “You won’t make it six months in this business at that office.”

The words stood suspended in the air in front of me.  I kept looking at each letter, rubbing my eyes, and then looking again.  Did he just say that?

I left dejected, if not devastated.  Maybe he was right?  Maybe I wouldn’t make it in this business.

On my sad drive home… my emotions changed.  I went from a beaten puppy to pissed off!  By the time I reached home my convictions were clear.  Nobody… I mean nobody is going to tell me what I cannot do.  My only limitations are self-imposed.  And I’m clearing the runway baby!

Any time I get down.  Or a deal goes bad.  Or somebody doubts me.  Or challenges me.  I think of what Frank said… and then I GET TO WORK!!!

With that story I’m proud to share some news with you!

From the guy my first broker said wouldn’t last six months in the business to the #1 Real Estate Agent in the State of Indiana!  I so proud to share this news with you!  Thanks to the incredible to around me, I’m excited to announce that we were not only the top team in my marketplace of Northwest Indiana… we were also #1 for the entire state!!!

Indiana highlighted2015 Indiana Agents

I’m also very excited to call Lisa Thompson and Gina Guarino friends!  Northwest Indiana agents took the Gold, Silver, and Bronze!

Thank you again for reading these posts, my emails, and blog.  I get a lot of inquiries from agents asking about coaching, which is incredibly flattering!  I will offer coaching in the future, but not as of today.  I do have something for you if you’re interested…

I’ve put my entire business operations into a box, and it’s now available for you!  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

Have a wonderful day!

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