“For most, it is safer to stay inside the bubble”

“For most, it is safer to stay inside the bubble”

The title of this email is a quote from the mystery man who sent me the life-changing email over the weekend.

Before we discuss, let me tell you why I’m smiling like a monkey this morning.

Fires stoked.

My one and only brother sent me this pic yesterday.

This text exchange followed:

If you’re cool you’re smiling too.

(I know my friend Scott is smiling. Remember the time Gene Simmons stopped the concert and yelled at you?!)

Now on with the show…

We left off with two huge topics:

  1. The details of what the weekend mystery man emailed to me that has likely changed my life.
  2. The revelation I had during my baby momma drama back in 2012.

First, the mystery man is a real person.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is he doesn’t want the curtain pulled back. And I’ma respect that.

But I have to share the email I got back from him yesterday – after I asked for permission to reveal his name in the story to you.


Good morning Bart,

Please feel free to share whatever you like (cautiously) with others but I do not want my name mentioned.

As I mentioned to you I am carefully selective with who and how I share.

I have shared with my wife and a couple of others some specifics like I have shared with you. You can feel free to write about our exchange from this “person who wishes to remain anonymous” in any manner that feels right with you.

I would humbly suggest though you give lots of thought and contemplation of what and how you might share initially. For most people, what I shared with you could be too much in just one bite and might be dismissed.

You know how you mentioned how you felt about the news coverage of the killings and blame from the shootings in the synagogue?

The awareness of how social media has not caused so much misinformation, but rather EXPOSED it in ourselves! I Believe that is very true.

For most, it is safer to stay inside the bubble that has been programmed into the masses than to challenge it and be a free, critical thinking, person.

Many attempts by awakened people to show others this is most often initially met with huge pushback. I think this is because most people don’t really want to “SEE” as it is diametrically opposed to what has been their belief of who they think they really are inside.

Because of this, they will fight back these truths to avoid having to really SEE themselves.

I am understanding of this actually since it’s what’s been programed into their heads their entire lives.

The majority of the world is full of people who are asleep as you already know and through your own personal and business growth you have seen this.

If you choose to share the pdf files I shared with you please reformat them removing the metadata that shows my identifying info.

Although we don’t really know each other directly we obviously have known of each other for over 20 years plus. I remember telling **** ***** that you will be a rising star in this business.

She asked me why and how do I know this? My short answer was “ my intuition”. As a continual seeker of knowledge, as you are, I am learning more each day and it is through others that we learn.

As I have followed what you have been doing with your program I can see what I told **** long ago is coming to fruition.

I say this because you may be wondering why the heck did ***** send me this stuff? The short answer: My intuition told me to.

Give to others and it will be given back to you a hundred fold.



Did you read all of that? I mean really, did you?

I had chills moonwalking my body when I read this!

Keep in mind the backstory.

I haven’t heard from this guy in like twenty years. Didn’t even know he was an email subscriber.

Out of the blue he asks me, “How long have you known you were a blankety blank.”

I didn’t know!!!

Never ever in my life heard those two words sandwiched together.

And then this guy pins the tail to the donkey?

Ok, so here’s what I’m gonna do.

Let me process all the info he sent me. I may have to test it out on a select few of you (a handful of Inner Circle Members).

I know, not fair. But mystery man is right. As Colonel Nathan R. Jessup said in the movie A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!”

So gimme a couple days.

Onto Huge Topic #2: The Revelation

I started to write this out for you and it got way too long (I can hear your eye roll!).


Remember I warned you. Think about when you found out about Saint Nick.

Ok, so our goal with the Good Life is many-fold.

Freedom is Everything.

We want to arrange our lives so that we can say, “No thanks!” or Buzz Off or FU… to anyone at any time.

We want to position ourselves financially and to a point where Booty-Smooching does not have to be required with any client at any time. Comprende?

To do this, we need to cut through all the baloney we’ve been force fed our entire lives. Even the baloney stuffed into our pie hole from our own mitts.

We need to think for ourselves (accurate thinking – independent thinking).

We need to act for ourselves, and we will need to stop blindly copying everyone else (RockStar agents pounding phones, badgering pedestrians, and bait and switching).

We’ve got to question everything in our lives, especially the things that we’re not happy with.

Like cold-calling and door-knocking.

Ok, if you’ve made it this far we’re getting to the punchline.

Or maybe, the punch in the gut.


Most (all) people will disappoint you.

Ok, there I said it.

Most people will disappoint us. For some reason, when it comes to those that should never disappoint us – when they do – it can be devastating. If we’re prepared for the disappointment, we can minimize the emotional damage.

Not glass half full thinking. Accurate thinking.

More on this topic later as we explore Stoic philosophy.

Next (and I promise last for now).

We need to work to eliminate neediness.

When we have plenty of lovable clients – we don’t NEED the jackwagon.

When we have no debt – we don’t need the bank and the dopey banker.

I’ll dive deep on this topic as well – as it was directly involved in my decision for less boozing.

And to drive the stake through Santa’s heart …

Ugh, I can’t bring myself to say it. I’m about to put my son to bed (wrote this last night). My lovable son. A direct result of the marriage to my Bride. A Bride that disappointed me.

Nope can’t say it.


In fact, everyone in my life – that I care most about – has disappointed me. And I them.

Specific stories to follow.

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