Food for thought…

I’ve been in the business for over 15 years. And in that time I’ve studied successful agents from around the country and Canada.

What I’ve found is that most all successful agents have these things in common:

1. Belief: they truly believe that they can sell a lot of homes… and more importantly, feel they deserve to sell a lot of homes.
2. Discipline: real estate is easy to get into, easy to get out of, and everything in between is optional. Because of this 81% of all agents fail before they reach the first renewal! Must have some level of discipline.

As the great Jim Rohn once told me (in an audio CD, lol)… we all suffer from one of two pains… the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

3. Structure: in order to sell a lot of homes in the business today, you must have structure. Structure in your life, calendar, and routine… and structured systems in your business.

4. Accountability: whether you have a coach, an accountability partner, a friend, or even a spouse… you need accountability in your life and business. And if you’ve never had a real estate sales coach – hire one right now! You will NOT regret it!

5. Self-awareness: this one is big because what I see in society today, in this country more and more people are suffering from a lack of self-awareness. Meaning a true picture of self. Look around and what I see is near pandemic of fat and broke people… self-awareness cures this! People need to do what Michael Jackson said and “start with the man in the mirror!”

6. Consistency: implement a few lead generation pillars into your business and stick with and to them. Have some patience and consistency! The beauty of real estate sales is that everything works… pick some things and JUST DO IT!

Last year I sold 151 homes and worked NO Evenings, NO Weekends, and NO Fridays. I was also incredibly fortunate enough to go on 12 weeks of vacation with my Bride of 16 years and our 3 sometimes wonderful children!

In doing so, there are 4 areas that I preach in my business and with my team:

1, You: (mindset, attitude, belief system, habit, confidence, etc) business is 80% Psychology and 20% Strategy and Tactics!

2. Leads: must have consistent, reliable, and predictable lead generation systems in your business. Three keys: lead generation + lead conversion + lead management = World Domination!

3. Systems: the systems run the business and the people run the systems. You must be systems dependent not people dependent!

4. Money: make it, manage it, save it, invest it! This one even the top producers get wrong a lot. There is no point in making a lot of money if all you’re gonna do is blow it! I learned this one the hard way… “uh, honey, where did all that money go?” Now I have no credit card debt, no car loans, cash reserves, college nearly funded, retirement being funded, passive income, and the house (with 40 acres) will be paid off by the end of 2016.

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