February Profit & Loss Statement: $17,562.23

February’s net profit of $17,562.23 was way off compared to January’s robust $41,230.87!

However, I am not complaining.  With Feb’s net coupled with salary of $5k a month, I’ll take $22k+ a month any time!

Without further ado here is the February 2016 Profit & Loss statement for my real estate sales business.

One thing you’ll note is that in the Commissions Paid category you will see that one of my team agents made $21,513.07.  You may question my sanity to run a team whereby my teammates make more dough than me.  But keep this in mind, the agents are earning every penny of it… and deserve to earn every penny of it.  They are the one’s going on all the appointments after all.

I’ve been contacted by some real estate team leaders from around the country (that are on my email list), that have scoffed at the idea of taking less money for more freedom.  But I can tell you with all sincerity that a lifestyle business is the only way to enjoy this god forsaken business of ours!

Working nights, evenings, and weekends is not my idea of the Good Life!

Constantly making cold calls is not the way I’m going to spend my career!

If you ever want to discuss the details of how I run my day to day business feel free to give me a call.  My office number is 219-531-1111.

May today be your best day ever!

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