Email #1 (follow this email series and your life will become amazing)

Real Estate Good Life is your destination for finding the answer to the most important question of your life:

“What is the best way to live as a real estate agent?”

This question was beat over the head of the glorious Greeks by a sweet robe’d cool cat named Socrates back in the day.

The answer to this question for you is simple – AND, super super hard.

The simple answer is: to live in passionate pursuit of your personal greatness. Which also happens to be the super hard answer to the same question.

“Hey Bart, what gives? How can one answer equal two answers?” 

Well, it’s like this – in order to pursue your personal greatness we need a defined objective or destination.

For which we have two.

One: to avoid the regret of lying on our deathbed at the end of our life and in walks the person we could’ve been… the person we should’ve been.

Two: the only way to “achieve” the destination of personal greatness is through Self-Mastery.

We’ll discuss Self-Mastery in an upcoming email.

In the meantime, let these words blow the stank off yer face:

Abraham Maslow studied the greatest people of his generation. People like Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein.

He’s best known for his theory called The Hierarchy of Needs – which we’ll discuss on a different day (it’s fascinating).

What I know him best for is what can help us define our personal greatness. He said,

“What one CAN be, one must be.”

That in a nutshell is our Mission in life.

(Mission: a fancier word for goal).

Have a great day my friend,

Bart “Real Estate Jedi” Vickrey

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#184: Getting back in the saddle (within the process of mastery – you go “all-in” – within the mentality of going all-in – sometimes you fall off the horse – we must then get back in the saddle.)

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