Do The Work!

Success: Cause and Effect

A few years ago, one of my former team members called a meeting with me. He wanted to find
out what he needed to do to become successful selling real estate. The inheritance he and his
wife received was running low. “Time to get serious,” he said.

We began our discussion by recapping the process I’d already shared with him on multiple
occasions. His eyes and body language anticipated what was coming next… the big secret.

However disappointment covered him like a cheap suit when I revealed, “There is no secret.”

“Well easy for you to say Bart, you were born to do this,” he said as if exposing the culprit at the
end of a Scooby-Doo episode.

“Sorry Bill, but I was born to be a dumpster diving sauce boss… not a successful real estate agent.”

Ok, I didn’t have time to come up with dumpster diving sauce boss in the moment. Probably
something like, “Broke alcoholic.” But stay with me here.

I chose to be a successful real estate agent. By doing work. Taking action. More walk less talk.

Bill still believed in the myth of “luck” or “being in the right place” or “who you know”… maybe
even show ponies and unicorns. What he was never able to come to grips with is the true
cause and effect of success.

In the real estate business it’s simple. Find someone that is being successful… and then, DO

As I am starting to speak with agents from around the country and Canada, I’ve noticed a
disturbing trend. 95% or my time is convincing the agent to DO THE WORK!

Stop talking. Stop waiting for the right time (ie: spring, getting a new CRM, changing
companies, writing a business plan, whatevs). Stop looking.


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