Designing My Mansion

Yesterday, I told you about all the crazy stuff I’ve purchased (Some, anyway. There were more) without running any of those purchases by my beloved Bride.

I told you about the 40 acres.

Here’s the crazy part of the 40 acre story.

As soon as we were done building our new home – I immediately began designing the “mansion” I wanted to build in the southeast corner of the property.


Because I still suffered from the phony baloney “look at all my stuff!” syndrome. You know the syndrome, you see it daily on Facebook.

“Look at my new house!”

“Look at me new car!”

“Look at my even bigger house!”

“Look at my even fancier car!”

I suffered from this syndrome. Maybe until just recently.

What has happened since has been a Transformation.


My goal in life is to change the world (I know, pretentious right?).

But you know the theory. Change one life. And that person changes one life. And then, “They told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on!”

If you laughed when you read that last sentence you’re cool! (Here’s why)

In order for me to change the world – I have to convince you to Transform your life.

Once the transformation starts to take shape and take hold – EVERYTHING changes. And I do mean, everything.

For instance, in the December issue of Good Life Monthly I will share with members the one sentence that will forever change their outlook on money. Eight simple words, cobbled together can change the world.

Once I (finally) understood my direction in life. Once I understood – I mean really understood – those eight words… the mansion was no longer necessary.

A power started to build.

A power inside of me.

This power positioned me to go from a lot of personal debt. To NO personal debt.

This power was harnessed and transferred over to finally ticking off the goal of “visible” abs. At the age of 47!!! Abs that hadn’t seen the light of day in more than two decades.

If you are ready for a Transformation.

If you are ready to transform yourself into exactly what you want to be. What you need to be. What you were destined to be.

Then, my friend, you’re ready for the Good Life.

Let’s change the world… together.

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