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Yesterday we discussed the Power that was built, and is still building, in harmony – with my Transformation.

That power will be discussed in detail inside the Good Life Inner Circle membership.

That power is the foundation of what was described on page 349 of the Mister Rogers biography I referenced in Tuesday’s email.

If you listened to the Real Estate Good Life podcast episode 043, you know what I’m about to say. But even if you know what I’m about to say. Do you really get it?


There were several great passages inside the book about Fred Rogers. But it wasn’t until the end of the book, on page 349, that I got the chills from head to toe.

Here’s what I read on page 349:

Eliot Daly, Fred Rogers’s old friend and former executive at Small World Enterprises, says,

“I would describe him as the ultimate what you see is what you get, with one exception.

What most people couldn’t see in Fred was his enormous power. Power. Capital P. Fred is the most powerful person I have ever known in my entire life… I’ve dealt with a lot of people whom the world regards as powerful. None of them could hold a candle to Fred’s power…

His power derived from a really unique place. It was his absolute self-possession, which is different from self-interest or self-satisfaction, or selfishness. He didn’t need anything from you or from me. He welcomed it, but he didn’t need it.”

Whoa, whoa, and wow. If that doesn’t make you stop and listen, take note, and reevaluate your life, nothing will, nothing can.

The foundation of his power will be discussed inside the Good Life Inner Circle.

The very same power that allowed me to become debt-free. The same power that allowed me to unveil visible abs at the age of 47.

I can show you exactly how to gain this power.

And once you have it. Anything is possible.

Not everything. Anything.

Stop pussyfooting.

Start designing your life.

Start the Transformation now.

Join me and the Good Life Inner Circle.

Together we WILL change the world!

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