Build a Lovable Business (no pussyfooting and no bootysmooching)

Good Life Step #5: Build a Lovable Business

Building a Lovable business has to start with Steps 1 & 2.

(See previous emails if you do not know the steps)

What exactly do I want?

How does my life and business look like (and feel) once I get there?

Do I believe this is possible?

For me, I learned back in 2009 when my sales business netted the owner (me) a whopping $100… that in order to have a lovable business – a worthwhile profit must be made.

In 2010, after launching the expired listing direct mail campaign – I learned that marketing trumps prospecting. Every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

In 2011, after going on over 100 listing appointments – I learned that having a calendar filled with appointments determined by other people’s schedules – is not a lovable business.

In 2012, when Bridezilla asked, “Should we get a divorce?” – I learned that working around the clock, six and seven days a week, answering calls during dinner with my family, and hustling my face off – is not a lovable business.

In 2014, when we launched the printed (from the heart authentic and lovable) monthly newsletter – I learned that marketing without gimmicks and tricks and desperation is the ONLY marketing that aligns with my soul.

In 2018, when my honey boo boo said to me, “I never worry about money.”

(“Sure ya don’t sweet cheeks, you leave that to me!” << That would’ve been the typical response in my head. But this time I asked, “Why don’t you worry about money?”)

What she said next… changed EVERYTHING!

“Years ago, you told me that if we just help enough people get what they want. We’ll always get what we want. And what is it that we do Bart? We help people get what they want.”

If she had a mic… well you know.

And then in December of 2018 at the Bart Vickrey Real Estate Christmas party – I gave out the greatest award in the history of the company. I presented to my friends (whom I now love like family), Wendy and Andy Hammonds, the Debt Freedom Award.

I’ll tell their full story soon. Just know this, they came to me in 2014. Both hating their jobs and up to their eyeballs in debt.

I helped them.

Most critically important, they helped themselves.

When I presented the award I got all choked up. My eyeballs filled with tears. My entire body was covered like a warm blanket with chills.

I have a lovable business.

Now get very clear and determine EXACTLY what your lovable business looks, feels, and operates like.

I will do anything you need me to do – to help you accomplish the same.

Have an amazing day my friend,

Bart “Debt Freedom” Vickrey

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