Bohemian Crapsody

Bohemian Crapsody

Kid 1 is home from Purdue for Christmas Break (not winter break, not holiday break… I call it Christmas Break – and always will!).

We went to see Bohemian Rhapsody the other night.

Good. Not great. Scenes with music and the stories behind the songs, great. The rest, mediocre.

I did take a couple notes during the movie (“Really, Bart? During a movie?” Bride asks).

In one scene, Freddie Mercury says, “When I know they’re listening, when I know I have them, I couldn’t sing off key if I tried. I’m exactly the person I was born to be.”

I’m trying to be that person. The person I was born to be.

What I discovered back in 2010 (when I was still making cold call after cold call) is that in order to have a Bohemian Rhapsody based business I would need to get out of the cold calling business and into the One to Many marketing business.

If I continued to make cold call after cold call, my business would be the Bohemian Crapsody!

Crappy Business = Crappy Life.

Avoid a crappy business by Joining the GLIC Now!

Inside the Good Life Inner Circle:

  • How to get your most important vendors (title reps, mortgage brokers, and home inspectors) to treat you like the Godfather without going to the extreme of placing a severed head in their bed.
  • Oprah Winfrey’s “primal instinct” persuasion secret that can help you create a huge following of ready willing and able home buyers.
  • A specific 4 word phrase I utilize, with the seller, to ensure I get to meet last in a listing competition.
  • The “Golden Rule” of negotiation that works like magic on a listing appointment to make sure sellers do business with you on your terms.

JOIN THE GOOD LIFE NOW to get all of the above along with:

  • The EXACT newsletter template I built in January of 2014 that catapulted earnings from “netting” $100 one year (true story) to over $2.2M shortly thereafter.
  • A multi-step direct mail campaign exclusive to “expired” listings that will crawl inside the seller’s psychology and haunt their thoughts until they can’t resistcalling you and scheduling an appointment.
  • The single easiest way ever invented to create a surge of “side-money” cash flow into your business (currently being utilized by GLIC Member John Cunningham), that will have you slapping your forehead like an old V8 commercial screaming, “Why didn’t I think of that!
  • A list building (SOI and database) strategy that’s so “retro” your eyes will roll and your list will grow. (Remember, your database/SOI will convert at 10%+ when handled properly. If you are always growing the list and properly communicating – your business becomes simple math and a predictable path).

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