Bitcoin for Dummies

Bitcoin for Dummies

Let me start with a disclosure: “I am not an investment advisor and do not play one on tv.”

I am however reasonably intelligent and have an opinion about Bitcoin… it is for Dummies.

If one more person asks me if I have any bitcoin I’m going to sell them all of my Beanie Babies, old baseball cards, and tulip bulbs!

Bitcoin is not an investment – Bitcoin is ONLY a speculation.

Bitcoin is only valuable if the coin actually becomes an acceptable form of world currency. It will not.

The price isn’t rising because the real value of the bitcoin is increasing relevant to it’s buying power of actual goods and services. No. The price is rising purely based on speculation and “get-rich” mania.

When the supply of “investors”… wait – I mean speculators shrivels up, the value tanks. Just saying.

Now forget Bitcoin and go out and invest in REAL estate!

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