Becoming an Expert

Becoming an Expert

In the last article we left off with a question, “How does an agent become an expert?”

One of my many fears in writing to you, is that I will come off as speaking from a soap box.  I never want to give you that impression.  I’m just an average guy who produces above average results, that’s all.  I have made many mistakes in the past and will continue to make mistakes in the future.  All of which I will share with you, in hopes of diverting you from mistake.

What I do know is that pursuing expert status in the real estate business has provided an enormous advantage against my competitors.  Considering the pursuit of such status involves many factors and choices.

Here are a few thoughts on – How to Become an Expert

Genuine Desire.  Almost everyone wants to become rich and successful.  Almost nobody accomplishes either goal.  Those that do all have genuine desire.

Legitimate experience.  I remember a few years ago an old agent was on the other end of a transaction.  She was telling me how to do my job and exactly what to say to my client.  We’ve all dealt with this type, right?  She went on to tell me how young I was and how she’d been in the business for over thirty years.  After the call I looked up her previous year’s sales statistics.  Miss Know It All had closed all of three transactions, that same year I had closed 151.  Our business isn’t experienced through years, it’s experienced through transactions.

Read at least the top ten books for real estate agents.  If you want a list just ask me!

Attend Conferences.  I’ve attended countless conferences over the years.  Buffini, Proctor, Ferry, Kinder Reese, and so on.  Every single event I’ve attended improved both my business and my life. What is also amazing about attending conferences is the attendees!  Rarely are you ever in the company of like-minded people, it’s just a fact you have to accept as a super-achiever.  Being around hundreds and even thousands of like-minded real estate agents will change your life completely.

Hire a Coach.  If you’ve never had a real estate coach before, you need to hire one immediately.  If you are waiting until you can “afford” it, you’ll be waiting your career away!  I’ve had group coaching, for as little as $97 a month – all the way up to private one on one coaching for $1,800 a month.  All of which paid for itself over and over again.  I still remember my very first coaching call with Jay Kinder from Kinder Reese and NAEA back in 2008.  During the first conversation he convinced me to charge a transaction fee.  Something I was very reluctant to do.  He told me I had to do it!  That one piece of advice has produced more than $300,000 in revenue!

If you’re serious about coaching and want a life altering, yet incredibly inexpensive program, you need to check out Game Changers.  You will thank me repeatedly for this!

Listen to Podcasts and watch video interviews.  There is so much quality content out there on YouTube and on iTunes, designed specifically for you and I.  You should be devouring it!

Know the Inventory.  On a local level there is nothing more important than knowing your marketplace inside and out.  Scout the MLS every day.  Talk to agents in your office about their listings. Call competing agents about their listings.  Know the inventory and the values like the back of your hand.

Start a Mastermind Group.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to agents in your area and organize a get together once in awhile.  Share thoughts and ideas.  You’ll be blown away by how productive and energizing this can be.

Write down your thoughts, questions, and concerns at all times.  Then reach out to your broker, your mentor, your coach, and even me.  Ask away!  Keep asking questions continuously.

Sit and Think.  Spend time each day thinking of ways to grow your business.  Scheduled, purposeful, designated quiet time.  Some of my biggest business building breakthroughs have come during these sessions.  The Referral Army, Shock & Awe, Declaration of Greatness, Buy-Sell-Give, World’s Greatest Home Seller Offer, World’s Greatest Home Buyer Offer, and so on, have all come from quiet brainstorming sessions.

The great Earl Nightingale said, “If a businessman invested one hour every day doing nothing but thinking, brainstorming, creating new and better ways to be of greater and more valued service to his customers, money problems would melt away.”

Thank you for reading!  This list can and will continue.  Let me know your thoughts.

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    Hi, Can I please get a list of the top 10 real estate books?

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