April 2016 Profit & Loss: $74,386.34

April was bittersweet for me.

On April 9th I turned 45!

On April 11th my father passed away.  Here is the article I wrote about it on my personal blog.

From a business perspective, the real estate sales business had an excellent month!  In fact, our best month of the year by far!  With net profit of over $74,000 my thankful and grateful meters were both pinned!

Here is the April Profit & Loss statement for your viewing pleasure.  And yes, you read that right!  One of my team members made nearly $90,000 in the month of April!  Very proud of him and his effort.

I know it can be hard to build your momentum in this business.  But I will tell you that the formula is before you.  The exact blueprint that I use day in and day out to provide me with an incredible lifestyle business.  The same blueprint that each of my team agents are working on to build their own lifestyle businesses!

What I want to offer you is this blueprint.  The blueprint that provided me with $74,386.34 in net profits in April, while working no evenings, no weekends, no Fridays, and taking two weeks off in the middle of the month to deal with my father’s passing.

The same blueprint that provided the ideology for one of my teammates to earn $89,839.08 in April, another to earn $13,450, the next to earn $8,830, the next $8,536, and another $7,873… all in one month!

Money’s not everything, we all know that.  However I am required to tell you the truth.  And the truth is, money is better to have than to not.  You cannot argue with this statement.  It’s not a popular statement… just a true one.

If you want the blueprint… all you have to do is ask!

Email me at anytime and let me know, bart@bartsellshouses.com.

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