Another Divorce?

Another Divorce?

It was Monday June 5th 1989, two days after my high school graduation open house.  My mother and stepfather said they needed to speak with me.

I was sure it had to do with the beer my friends and I smuggled from the open house, and then later drank after everyone had gone home.  But I was wrong.

“Bart” my mother said.  “John and I are getting a divorce.”  “Uh, why?” I said confused.  “We decided that after all these years, we are better off as friends.”  Mom said.  “But I want you to know, that you’re welcome back here any time you want, pal.”  John said with a smile.  John called everyone pal.

“What does that mean?  Are we moving?”  I said looking at Mom.  Now they had my attention!  A divorce announcement is one thing, lol.  But moving, no way!

“We talked it over and John wants to keep the house, so you and I are going to find a new place.”  Mom said with an isn’t this great tone.  No, this is far from great I thought silently to myself.

We then packed up and moved across town to my Aunt and Uncle’s double wide trailer located in the Pleasant Valley mobile home park in Portage Indiana.  It took me like two weeks before I even told my girlfriend Misty that I had moved.  And another day or two after that before I told her it was to a trailer.  I was embarrassed to the point of depression!

My bedroom was the living room couch.  Oh the humanity, I thought!  I remember going to couch each night that summer thinking two things:

  1. How early was Uncle Ray going to wake me up this time?  Ray was a drywaller and woke up at the butt-crack of dawn and rattled around the trailer with no regard for my sleeping arrangements.  I’m pretty sure Ray was as thrilled with me living there as I was.
  2. There’s got to be more in store for me than this?  Sleeping on a couch in a trailer, having my feet attacked at night by a rabid weiner dog named Muffin (she liked to bite and chew on feet under blankets, weird ass dog), was not how my life is supposed to play out!

Something changed in me that summer.  Sleeping on that couch, being bullied by that damn weiner dog, experiencing the end of a marriage.  It was a small change, but small changes add up.

That summer was the beginning of my awakening.  That summer matured me just enough to see that if I wanted a different circumstance, then I was responsible for delivering it!

The same is true for your real estate business.  You cannot blame your Broker, you cannot blame the franchise or the company you’re associated with, you cannot blame your spouse for not supporting you… the results are up to you!

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Thanks again for caring,

Bart Vickrey, Real Estate Jedi

P.S.  I call this article “Another Divorce” because my parents divorced when I was young.  And between them they’ve accumulated six failed marriages.

P.P.S.  Daily Habits.  Positive daily habits aligned with any particular goal will deliver to you – Super Powers!  Word!

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