….and Then His Daughter Died.

Let me tell you a story.

It’s about a Good Life Inner Circle Member.

Let’s call him, Joe (because that’s his name).

Joe is 41 years old.

Joe was living a seemingly normal life. Decent upbringing. Parents still married.

And then tragedy.

His daughter died.

The following year his brother is killed in a car accident. Fatally struck by a wrong way driver on the interstate.

Now let me ask you something, at this point in the story, are you rooting for Joe?

Me too.

So Joe and I have an email exchange the other day. I asked him if he’d be okay with me sharing our conversation from last week in a podcast episode.

Here’s his reply:

“I’m a little nervous about the podcast. I don’t want to look like I don’t have my “s**t” together. Would you be using the whole thing or just portions of it?”

My response back:

Joe your numbers speak for themselves. You have your “shit” together.

What I want to be able to do with the Good Life is to make the Members the heroes of the story. Not me.

Too often, the GooRoo Coaches shine the spotlight on themselves as the hero.

I want to be the Anti-Guru.

And besides, if we stop worrying (for one second) about what other people “think” of us – we may actually become who we want to be.

Instead of striving to become what we think others think we should become.

I know that’s complicated. But you know how my squirrel brain works.

Too often (basically always) the podcast interviews that are published for real estate agents are about the Mega Agent and the Rock Star – after – they’ve accomplished ____ (fill in the blank).

I’d love to see the process unfold before my very ears. And if I want to hear that, that means others want to hear that.

We all struggle with the same things. Especially people like you and me.

We aren’t all cold-calling sociopaths like the GooRoos say we have to be in order to reach success in this business.

Ok, need to catch my breath. Let me know your thoughts.


The next morning, I get this email back from Joe:

“Go for it Bart. You have my permission. Thanks for the confidence booster.”

Joe has guts. I admire that.


Singer songwriter Rosanne Cash, within a very short period of time lost her mother, step-mother, father, and sister.

She said in her book, Composed:

“You begin to realize that everyone has a tragedy and that if he doesn’t, he will.

You recognize how much is hidden behind the small courtesies and civilities of everyday existence.

Deep sorrow and traces of great loss run through everyone’s lives, and yet, they let others step into the elevator first, wave them ahead in a line of traffic, smile and greet their children and inquire about their lives, and never let on for a second that they, too, have lain awake at night in longing and regret, that they, too, have cried until it seemed impossible that one person could hold so many tears, that they, too, keep a picture of someone locked in their heart and bring it out in quiet, solitary moments to caress and remember.”

This ^^^^^^ is my new friend Joe.

This is why I root for Joe.

This is why you root for Joe.

I’ll let you know when that conversation with Joe is released on the podcast.

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