Always Trust your Gut

Trust Your Gut

In yesterday’s email (below – after Got beat by a girl.) I began to tell you the story of the musical chair battle from way back in first grade.

The final two contestants were me and Angie.

As the music stopped my body reacted with the motions necessary to win the game.

My gut stopped me in my tracks.

I hesitated. Long enough for Angie to win.


The whisper voice (Monster’s nemesis) suggested I let Angie win.

I listened.

Not really knowing why, until now – forty one years later!

Angie needed the win.

She was picked on at school. Boys would spray “cootie-spray” if they had to sit in a chair that Angie had recently sat.

Kids are cruel. Tribal. Pick on the weak, the slow, the different, the fat one.

“Ha! You lost to a girl!”

Ribbing ensued after the competitive chair circling contest.

For some reason, I didn’t care.

Angie was cheered by her classmates for beating the “favorite”. She was the underdog.

She smiled. Big.

This story hadn’t crossed my mind since that day in Mrs. Young’s 1st Grade class. Why now?

What I’m going to share with you next – may freak you out.

Incredibly bizarre events, messages, awareness, paths crossed – have exploded into my life recently.


I’m figuring out why. That’s the freaky part.

This is all part of my journey.

You are meant to be apart of this journey. You, Solo Sky, and all the Inner Circle Members.

If you’d like to join us on this journey to a Lovable business. On a journey to NO telemarketing, NO trespassing, NO bootysmooching, and NO pussyfooting…

Then open the door and walk on in. Welcome to the Good Life!

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