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Last year my team and I sold 468 Homes!

I worked a schedule that consisted of No Evenings - No Weekends - and No Fridays!  I was also able to enjoy 12 weeks of vacation with my bride and three sometimes wonderful children.

Here we are with my 96 year old Granny

The Real Estate Good Life Philosophy

Real Estate is THE greatest small business opportunity in the world.  And life is short.  With both thoughts in mind, our only real option is to seek the Real Estate Good Life!


The family helping me flip a house. They are thrilled!

Here is EVERYTHING you get for the one LOW price of $97:

15 Step Direct Mail Expired Listing Campaign:

I don't like to make cold calls so I've designed a series of marketing campaigns to avoid them!  One of the most successful is the expired listing mailings.  This series of sales letters and postcards are designed for one thing... to get the phone ringing.  And they work!  Since implementing direct mail as a means to prospect expired listings, we've averaged over $100,000 a year in commissions generated directly from expireds.

149 Point Pre-List Packet:

The exact 18 page packet of awesomeness that I send to each and every listing lead. This packet pre-sells my business and our services before we ever arrive for the listing appointment.

This packet does most of the heavy lifting in keeping our 50+ listing inventory stocked at all times.  I'm sure you've heard it before, "You list to last!" in the real estate sales business.

Cragslist Conversion System:

Most all agents will tell you that Craigslist is dead when it comes to generating leads.  I'm here to tell you that we produce an average of one lead per day from Craigslist... each and every day!

Last year alone we produced $98,000 in commissions directly from leads generated on Craigslist.

You will receive my 13 page detailed outline which includes the step by step process that will have you up and running in one day!

Declaration of Greatness:

This two page manifesto will change the way you think about real estate sales forever.  Once you read and internalize the magical message of this document you will go from real estate agent to real estate owner immediately!

If you are like me, you love the real estate business... and sometimes hate the real estate agent job.  Reading and committing to this document will forever impact your life.

Invest in yourself NOW and receive these FREE bonuses!

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    Bonus #1

    A copy of THE GREATEST personal development book of all-time! The book that single-handedly changed to course of my life!

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    Bonus #2

    A copy of the GREATEST marketing book of all-time! A book you've likely never even heard of before. I give credit to this book for completely changing my mindset with regard to marketing. This book catapulted my business from 100 homes sold annually to over 400 homes sold annually.

  • 3

    Bonus #3

    I know this statement will shock you, but the book included as bonus #3 will brainwash you rich! Yes, you read that corrently, this book will actually brainwash you into becoming rich. You have to read it to believe it!

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Your investment is backed by a full one year 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Newlsetter Template:

Four years ago I implemented a monthly newsletter into my business.  Since that time my annual sales have gone from an average of 115 homes to over 400 homes.  I credit the newsletter.

The newsletter is another example of creating opportunities without feeling like I need to make cold calls.  I HATE COLD CALLS!

You will receive the exact template that I developed that allows for communication at a one to many level.  Consider this... prospecting is one to one communication.  You can only talk to one listing lead at a time.  A newsletter will allow you to communicate with and develop rapport with tens, hundreds, and thousands of people simultaneously.

Proper Communication Plan:

Building, growing, and communicating with your database is the most important component of developing an actual real estate sales business. 

My proper communication plan outlines the step by step process to communicating systematically with your database.  When implemented you will experience 10-15% transaction returns from your list.  We are currently at 14% (and I make no outbound phone calls).  As an example, with a 14% transaction return you will produce 14 transactions for every 100 people in your database utilizing this system.  All that is required from you is consistency over time.

Do the math!  After implementing proper communication to your database all you have to focus on is strategically growing the list.  100 = 14 guaranteed transaction each and every year...   200 = 28  300 = 42  and so on!  Transactions produced just from the database.  This does not include all of the sales you will make from the expired listings, Craigslist, Facebook, Monster open houses, etc.

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Once and For All:

What if you read this article, invested in this system, and it finally clicked?

How different can your life be if you stopped acting as the warden of your own prison?  If for once in your life you finally gave it your all.  Stopped being afraid. Acted with authority and authenticity.

What would your life look like?

Today I challenge you to look at yourself in the mirror and be honest.  Stop making excuses and skirting the obvious.  No longer running from, but to.  You’ve got to be willing to answer your own questions.  Be accountable to your greatness.  No longer willing to accept mediocrity.

Today you ask yourself why.  Why?

Why do you continue to allow trivial things to keep you from great accomplishments?  How can you live with yourself any longer?  You can’t!  Now is different!  Finally.

No longer will you allow the mediocre path to be your map.  No longer will weakness be allowed to exist in your life.  This includes all the people around you. If someone is draining you, they will be eliminated.

The scaps you have settled for will not suffice.  Royalty is your path.  Discipline is your vehicle.

As you stand in your reflection, the questions will be difficult to answer honestly. You cannot run any longer.  Hiding in a veiled attempt has been exposed.

Are you happy with being a B-rated actor in the movie of your life?  If so, crumble this newsletter up immediately.  Send me a text with your resignation.  And I’ll send you a heartfelt letter of condolences.

You will from this moment forward write your own script, edit your role, and star in each scene as it plays out into what will now be an Oscar worthy performance.

You’ve suffered long enough.  And to your surprise, it’s YOU to the rescue.  Not luck.  Not the government, not your spouse, or the economy.  It’s YOU.  It’s always been you.  Up until now you willingly rode shotgun while mediocrity drove the car.

The wait is over.  You now realize that you don’t need more money, or a new computer, or a different circumstance, or more education, or whatever the excuse has been.  You don’t need to be young, or old, or black, or white, or tall, or thin, or have more hair.  You are all that is needed for success and greatness.

Your proving ground is before you.  Anticipation is now exhilarating!

No more buying, saying, or doing to impress others.  No more friends that anchor you to average.  No more relationships with people who don’t get it.  No more activities without results.  No more fear!

Your freedom awaits you.  Your conscious thought is now focused.  The haze lifted. Personal freedom will not consent to fear.  Choices no longer influenced by others.

What you think, say. and do are now in alignment with your potential and inevitable greatness.

This journey will be difficult.  Recognizing that our own shortcomings, self-injury, and unhappiness is the direct descendant of our choices is empowering.  And unnatural.

This very moment.  This very second.  This very instant is all we’ve got.  Now you slow to smell roses.  Hurry no longer whips at your back.  The fulfillment of our dreams, our hearts, and all our desires stands before us with clear eyes.  This moment, second, instant includes everything.

Stop looking.  Start having.

While most never DO, you WILL.  Acting on ideas, passions, goals, purpose, meaning, and genuine love.  You WILL.

Open the prison door.  You hold the key.  Reach inside and grab it.

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