A Couple of Years into our Marriage my Wife Discovered my Mistress

Telling you the truth feels like what I’d imagine walking across the stage of a packed theatre would be… NAKED!

Being open and honest with you is not easy.

There are many stories that are painful.

Getting caught red-handed with a mistress early in my marriage is one of those stories.

My wife would “chirp” me on the Nextel Direct Connect (this was like 2002) when I was with the mistress. It was both embarrassing and guilt riddled.

Before going on, let me tell you about my mistress.

When I was with her I always felt at home. (*I haven’t even ever confessed that to my wife!)

When I was with her, she made me feel like ANYTHING was possible.

When I was with her, she convinced me that I had success and purpose inside of me.

She never ran out of ideas.

She always had something new and interesting to talk about.

This one’s a little embarrassing to admit… but, on occasion she would charge me.

Ugh! I feel so dirty talking about it.

Then one day, after not responding (again) to her direct connect “chirp” – Stacey confronted me.

The jig was up!


“You were at the library again, weren’t you!?”

I felt like George Washington, I could not tell a lie. So I just came clean.

Full confession.

“Yes, dear.” Is all I said.

I should’ve known. My mistress had called the house many many times. So brash was she, leaving a message on the answering machine (an answering machine is a…)

“This message is for Bart V Vickrey. This is the Valparaiso Public Library. You have overdue materials.” (make sure to read that in a computer generated voice).

The money I paid this two bit huzzie over the years adds up.

But… nowhere near the value she gave me in return.

If you are not reading books. If you are not visiting and utilizing your local library – then, you are simply not giving it your all. Period.

Books. Already written, easily available books – are like the truth – they will set you free.

Anyhoo, our little company of real estate ninjas and Jedi’s (the top selling real estate team in the history of the world for northwest Indiana for the past decade) had our annual Christmas party on Saturday evening.

The team got me one gift.

Why only one gift?

Because they know me. And they love me.

They got me a large gift card to Amazon. (*pictured above)

What do they sell at the Amazon? Well, everything. But what is the most important thing they sell at Amazon. The one thing that launched the company???


What is the most enjoyable truth about books?

The stories. The stories of the most successful, purpose driven, entertaining, thought provoking, accomplished, decorated, and caring people to have ever lived.

All at your fingertips.

Inside the Good Life Inner Circle, my entire business model is at your fingertips.

JOIN NOW and plug your finger into the success charged light socket of a real estate sales system that is proven by actual real world results.

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But wait there’s more!

(yeah, I said it… lol)

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