8 Words That Will Change Your World

In 4th grade I was home sick from school.

Actually, I was at my mom’s Allstate office. We stopped by after the doctor’s visit for mother to get some work done.

She let me play with the typewriter.

I wrote myself a letter.

Still have it.

In the letter I planned out my life.

College at Indiana University. Followed by Valparaiso Law School.

I would then be a corporate attorney for IBM and a sports agent.

“Bart you will get married at 30 and have 3 kids.” says the letter.

It went on to list out all the cars I’d buy, the mansion, and how reaching the status of millionaire would be inevitable.

Like most kids. Like most people. I fantasized about money. Lots of money.

When I stared at the ceiling in my Aunt’s double-wide trailer – I thought about money.

When I was living off mac-n-cheese and Pop Tarts in college – I thought about money.

When I was faking success early in my real estate career – while simultaneously carrying tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt – I was thinking about money.

When the real estate phone wasn’t ringing in 2009 – as I sat at my desk playing online poker and binge watching Breaking Bad – I thought about money.

Right after that time back in 2009, I began to formulate a new plan.

I’ve read many many books about money.

Making it.

Investing it.

(I’ll share a list of all my favorites in an upcoming email)

Throughout all of this, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s only ONE strategy that will guarantee financial success.

In fact, this guaranteed financial strategy can actually be summed up in just ONE sentence.

Eight words.

I’m being 100% serious.

I realize this sounds crazy.

It’s not.

Going forward you’ll notice (if you’re paying attention) that this one sentence. These eight words will be the backbone, the theme, the foundation – for living the Good Life.

This ONE sentence is responsible for my time freedom today.

This one sentence is inching me closer and closer to:

Less Neediness.

Less Bootysmooching.

Less Pussyfooting.

And my guess is that many people and businesses are using this ONE strategy to profit from you. I know this because these same people and businesses are using this ONE strategy to profit from me, and it makes me mad.

This ONE strategy…

– Is easy to understand. There isn’t anything complex to try and learn. You’ll get it instantly. It will make perfect sense to you.

– Will help you make more money and it will save you a great deal of money – both at the same time.

– Should be taught to your children ASAP. The younger they learn this ONE sentence, the better their futures will be.

Now, for complete honesty…

It may be hard for you to really buy into this ONE strategy. This is because we’ve all been brainwashed to actually violate this ONE strategy.

If you’d like to know what this ONE sentence, this one strategy, these eight words – is and how you can use this strategy to have more time, more freedom, and more money…


Inside the December issue of Good Life Monthly you’ll gain access to this one world changing forever sentence.

The sentence will be surrounded by a deep look at the concept, the strategy, the way of life, the mindset shift – that will occur when you embrace the Good Life.

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Immediate access to the November issue of Good Life Monthly. An issue that prompted these words:


I loved the newsletter this month. Thanks! Thanks for the highlight and kind words about me as well. I try to absorb as much from your character and information as I can. Have a great Sunday and keep it coming.


Mike Williams

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