#234 The day I became a Lady Gaga fan, creating a lovable lifestyle, and living your best life now

#234 The day I became a Lady Gaga fan, creating a lovable lifestyle, and living your best life now

234 The day I became a Lady Gaga fan, creating a lovable lifestyle, and living your best life now. Join the Good Life at www.realestategoodlife.com/innercircle/  

Sitting all alone in my steel blue metallic 2002 BMW 325i… I was mesmerized. My face was on fire with goosebumps as she sang to me.

“I’m on the edge of glory

And I’m hanging on a moment of truth

Out on the edge of glory

And I’m hanging on a moment with you

I’m on the edge, the edge, the edge

The edge, the edge, the edge, the edge”

That was the day I became a fan of Lady Gaga. Up until that moment I never really listened to a Lady Gaga song, I thought of her as a sideshow circus act.

But on that day back in 2011, as I sat alone in the Target parking lot chomping down a sausage and egg McMuffin, as I sat slurping down a supersized diet Coke, on that day on the Howard Stern show Lady Gaga captured my attention and made a believer out of me. 

And today I’ll make a believer out of you.

Wherever you are in your life today, I know for a fact that you want more, you want better, you want a lifestyle of glory, you want a lovable business, you want a non booty smooching way to earn dolla billz that doesn’t include telemarketing and trespassing.

You want a body that doesn’t accidentally get harpooned by passing fishermen.

You want a marriage that isn’t dead as a doornail. You want friends that inspire you, not turkeys that drag you down.

But before you can have any of this… you must believe in yourself. I cannot believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

I remember back when I was first  building my real estate team. For some dum dum reason I just assumed that everyone was as motivated as me.


Fake news!

Most all people are Regs, and regs are incapable of living the Good Life.

“Well hey Bart, that’s a little harsh don’t ya think?”

Yes, the truth can be painful.

When I began to realize that most people live lives of quiet desperation I came up with my motto which said, “Give me anyone off the street that has reasonable intelligence, connectability, and desire… and I can have them at six figure per year in less than three years… anyone!!”

Reasonable intelligence. Hmm?? Sounds like most everyone would fit into this category, right? Wrong!!!

If you learned anything during the pandemic and the Presidential election… it is that most people do not possess reasonable intelligence.

Connectability, which I define as having the ability to connect with people through genuine rapport.

I always preach to my agents that your one and only Mission with buyers and sellers is rapport. Build genuine rapport, then show them your expertise, and then perform at the highest level. Easy peasy, but first and foremost is rapport.

Desire, ahhh… the most elusive of them all.

So few people possess real desire.

For instance, if you ask anyone off the street how much money they would need in the bank in order to quit their dopey slave based job… almost all of them would say a million bucks.

However, with a straight face, if you then asked them what they’d do with a million bucks… they’d start yelling out things like,

“I’d buy a torch red C8 Corvette, a Rolex watch, maybe get a gallon of botox and flappy duck lips,”

Because the truth is, most people don’t want a million bucks, they want to spend a million bucks. 

For those of us that become millionaires, we want a million dollars because of freedom and peace of mind, not because of fancy cars and expensive watches.

If you ever want to read an amazing book on this subject, read Thomas Stanley’s book, The Millionaire Next Door. That book changed my mindset completely when it came to being a millionaire. 

That book is one of the reasons I still drive the GRFM, the get rich first mobile, the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  

Listen, you are licensed in the greatest small business opportunity in the world, real estate sales. This is your one and only life. If you want to build a lovable lifestyle NOW is the only time for you to get started.

I can personally help you plan out, design, and create a step by step blueprint for you to follow to the Good Life via real estate sales.

As my mentor Dan Kennedy told me over and over again, “If you are to follow a guru, if you are to hire a coach, make sure that coach has a complete philosophy for you to follow… and most importantly, make sure that coach lives by that philosophy.”

I am that coach for you. I have a complete philosophy, it’s called the Good Life. And you can bet your sweet bippy that I live by that philosophy.

If you want my help. If you want a step by step plan to follow to the Good Life, then head on over to realestategoodlife.com and join the Inner Circle.

The least expensive, most effective, real estate agent coaching program on the planet. 

Now, I’ll be out of town again starting tomorrow… hahahaha!!! 

“Wait a minute Bart, you’re leaving town again? Do you ever work?”

Yes, leaving town again tomorrow, heading to Nashville with three other wonderful  couples to celebrate me and Jeannine’s birthdays.

Jeannine, aka J  Wow, aka Jenny, aka my right hand woman we are both turning 50. 

And because age and death are inevitable, we must do our best to live our best lives while simultaneously in pursuit of our Mission, on our path to the Good Life.

But I’ll be back in the podcast studio on Monday. In the meantime, feel free to text me to discuss your interest in joining the Inner Circle. 219-405-3768.

I’ll even drunk text you back live from Nashville!

And a quick private message for Jeannine, who actually listens to my podcast, unlike most all the rest of my team who do not listen… the message is… Operation Thunderstruck is now on hold until you want to discuss again. I will not be discussing it with anyone else. I’m back to Operation Let it Ride and Stack and Stash. 

Jeannine will like that message.

As for you, head on over to realestategoodlife.com join the Inner Circle. Text me directly with any questions about the incredibly inexpensive coaching program, 219-405-3768 and I’ll text you back straight away, even if I’m dancing on the ceiling in Nashville. 

Until then, have a great day my friend!