2016 Profit & Loss: $423,084.06

2016 was a wonderful year.

Business was just one of the many areas of my life that I am blessed.

My real estate team is filled with wonderful people.  My friends are amazing!  My Bride is over the top incredible.  Our kids are sometimes wonderful.

Right now right here is the best my life has ever been!

Not when I was 16 or 18, or 21 or 25.  Not when I was first married or when I had a six pack.  Those times were all amazing.  But right now is the greatest of all times!!!

Einstein“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein






As I’ve repeated over and over again, the real estate sales business is the greatest small business opportunity in the world.  I went on virtually no appointments this year.  Vacationed twelve times!  Worked no evenings, no weekends, and no Fridays… and was rewarded with over half a million dollars!  Certainly the definition of the Good Life!

Ok, let’s get to the final numbers for 2016.  The December Profit & Loss statement shows a net profit of $423,084.06.  Adding back in $54,000 in prepaid taxes, $60,000 in salary, and another $8,008 in additional commission income… my grand total for 2016 for profit before taxes is:


Very proud of the small business that Stacey and I have built.  We’re an independent brokerage.  A small yet mighty team.  Number one in our marketplace for five consecutive years.  A little shop that provided an opportunity for eleven agents to earn a living.  Four of which earned over $100,000.00.  With the top team agent earning a whopping $750,287.60!!!  Now that is truly amazing!

To think that my very first broker said to me, when I let him know I was transferring to a different company, “Bart, you won’t make it six months in this business at that company.”

That was seventeen years ago… still haven’t forgotten!

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