1,700 Reasons to be Grateful… (my addiction confession)

Today marks a special day for me.

1700 days ago I left tobacco behind like a bad habit.

Abandoned at the altar of addiction.

For 29 long years I stuffed a pinch of Skoal between my cheek and gum. Until, one day I didn’t.

(Soon I will detail EXACTLY how and why I quit tobacco FINALLY for the final time after hundreds of prior attempts)

As my quest for the Good Life continues, there are obvious choices to be made. Many of which I’ve shared with you. More details of each will follow.

Becoming a little tiny bit better each day has a compounding effect. And you know what ole Einstein said about compounding (interest).

“He who understands it… earns it. He who doesn’t… pays it.”

This quote was related to the compounding interest of money. The wisdom encompasses the Good Life philosophy in any and all areas you desire improvement.

A little bit better each and every day, compounds over time, especially when you apply Good Life Principle #19: Hard Now Easy Later.

Here’s what it says:

Hard Now Easy Later.

We do the hard now so that later it is easy. We do now what others will not so that later we can live like others cannot. Abs or donuts?

Please consider every decision you make today, and from here on out… ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this get me closer to my Mission?
  • Does this get me closer to the Good Life?
  • Does this align with my personal philosophy?
  • Does this get me closer to debt free?
  • Does this get me closer to autonomy?

These tough questions must be answered with a true tongue. Do not fool yourself. Do not let the Monster near the intercom system. Be honest with yourself every day.

I could no longer aspire to venture on until the ripe age of 110 – and stuff tobacco into my pie hole. I could no longer drink like sailor – and expect my liver to function properly for 63 more years. I had to face the facts. I could no longer…

Little changes over time lead to big results.

(Little hinges swing big doors)

Whatever it is you (truly) want to accomplish in life…

I want to help you.

In any way that I can.

Do not hesitate to reach out. Let’s talk about it. We’re all in this together. And yet, we’re spending less and less and less time with actual people.

You and I can change this (at least for you and I).

Reach out any time (you know what Michael Jackson would say next)

Have a great day my friend.

Yours till 110,

Bart “1700” Vickrey

P.S. Trivia slash Riddle time! What would Michael Jackson say? First correct answer gets a very special gift from yours “hee hee” truly.

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