#153: Undeniable Agent Truth #2: The “job” of real estate agent kinda sucks.

#153 Undeniable Agent Truth #2 (being a real estate agent is fundamentally filled with bootysmooching and pussyfooting)

In this episode we discuss how to eliminate as much bootysmooching and pussyfooting as humanly possible from your business and your life. Make sure to visit www.realestategoodlife.com and take The Million Dollar Agent Challenge.

(*sing it like Simply Red…)

“If you don’t know me by now – You will never never never know me

All the things… That we’ve been through

You should understand me…Like I understand you”

Listen my good life friend, if you don’t know me by now… I’m gonna slap yo momma!

Undeniable Agent Truth #2: the job of real estate agent includes a great deal of bootysmooching and pussyfooting.

That’s the troof!!!

But it doesn’t have to.

Because you know me (but if you don’t know me by now)… because you know me, you know I eliminate as much bootysmooching in my life as humanly possible.

The #1 reason, out of all possible reasons, the #1 reason I am a real estate agent is because I cannot stand bootysmooching. And I’m just egotistical enough to think that nearly every single person I’ve ever worked for is inferior to me in one way or another… and typically in all… areas.

Yeah I know! I know what you’re thinking…

“Un oh, no Mister Rogers today… MJ must have the mic!”

And guess what, you are absolutely right.

I’m in rare form and in a great mood. However, the mood is a bit aggressive so be careful. Be warned. If you are squeemish, or panty waisted, or pansified… this is not the podcast episode for you. 

Please click the stop button now if you are an alarmist, a virtue signaler, and outrager, and or a thin-skinned do nothing.

You ever notice that. Have you noticed that the people that get so outraged, their feelings get hurt, the people that moan and groan about everything in this amazing country of ours, in this incredible existence that we are blessed with… have you ever noticed that the moaners and groaners are losers?

They are pathetic, do-nothing, finger pointers. Everyone is always doing something wrong… yet, they can’t seem to get one thing right… in their own life.

You, on the other hand, are like me. You like to get things done, you like to get ahead in this wonderful world, you can’t be managed by inferior fools, you must raise your fabulous flag of freedom… and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to grab that freedom.

Am I right? 

Okay, so, Undeniable Agent Truth #2 gets me a bit fired up. We work in a business that creates an opportunity for an overdose of the booty smooch, pathetic piles of pandering.

One of the many many reasons to become debt free and financially independent… is to protect you from the neediness that nestles it’s bosom right next to your desperate commision breath.

Here’s a foolproof way to nix the neediness and reduce the bootysmooching to a tolerable level.

Have more business opportunities than you need.

Am I clear? Generate leads, lots and lots of glorious leads… do it now, do it often, do it consistently, and never stop doing it. Generate leads, convert leads, manage leads, build the list I’ve been begging you to build for over two years now, communicate with the list – consistently – make a bunch of money, save more than you spend, invest the savings in investments that compound over time, never stop building your wealth snowball, never stop paying off your debt – drive a stake through debt’s dreadful heart… build a team, create leverage, share your leads with your team, love your team, care for your team, manage your team.

None of this is rocket science. The only person standing in your way is the pathetic version of yourself. Push that punk out of the way and start pursuing your greatness. Get off of the sidelines and make this happen… now! You have no other life to wait for, no second chance.

And guess what happens when you do these things, when you produce ample amounts of leads, when you refuse to kowtow to crumbums, when you jab your middle finger at the jackwagons, when you take charge and act like you know what you’re doing – because you do – when you start getting all of these things right, when you start getting all of these right things in the right places… you gain the good life swagger.

And when you gain the good life swagger, people respect you. Clients line up to work with you. You become the best version of yourself, you can negotiate your way out of a phone booth for the first time. 

Guess what else happens? You will also stop giving a flying fluck how many likes your Facebook post gathered.


Because you’ll for the first time in your life, realize that the only person who matters right here and right now… is you. 

Now don’t get your panties in a bunch and attempt to poke holes in that statement… remember you said you were ready for this. You said you weren’t a panty waisted pussyfooter.

If you don’t have your life together, if you don’t have your act together, if you are not debt free, if you are not financially independent, if you suffer from commission breath… then you have to become your number one priority.

Do the right things for the right reasons. Put yourself first. Right here and right now and get priorities on par with your Mission.

And if you have enough guts, and you want to gain the glory, CLICK HERE and grab the bull by the balls.

Have a great day my friend.