#096: Great Advice – Focus (there’s a sentence in this episode that can change your life)

#096: Great Advice: FOCUS (something I must be reminded of all the time by Sparkle Barbie)

When I am focused great things happen.  If you’re like me, focus comes and goes and ebbs and flows. We need more of it in our life.  Listen to episode #096 to find out exactly what I am focused on right now. And how that focus will lead me to accomplishing my Mission.

I was talking to Good Life member Tom Miller the other day and he was excited about the Netflix show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The show is hosted by Jerry Seinfeld and his first guest of the new season is none other than the great Eddie Murphy.

I fired up the flix on the net and tuned into the episode. It was amazing. The nuggets that Jerry either says or brings out of his guests on the show are priceless and make for great advice.

It was during the episode with Eddie Murphy that Jerry said something that prompted me to text Tom Miller with the quote followed by the words Boom, and… That’s what I needed to hear.

I’ll share that quote with you in just a moment…

Welcome to the Real Estate Good Life podcast episode 96. I am your comic relief host, Bart Vickrey, the Jerry Seinfeld of real estate podcasting, and your best friend in all things Good.

So I’m watching the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Eddie Murphy. Eddie says to Jerry that there’s too much noise and distraction out there these days.

And then Jerry says to Eddie, “The lack of focus is the reason we have a lack of greatness.”

When those words tumbled from Jerry’s jewish jowls I jerked the pause button and jotted it down.

That’s exactly what I needed to hear. Focus. Focus on what you have a passion for. What will help the greater good as a whole, and keep focusing, and doing, and learning, and getting better and better and better. That is the only formula for greatness.

And you know what I’ve talked to you about since the beginning of this podcast over a year and a half ago… in order to live the Good Life you must be in pursuit of personal greatness.

We cannot be lying on our deathbed and in walks the person we could’ve been. We need to be lying there smile faced as that person.

Personal greatness can only be achieved with a focused Mission. My focused Mission is to help real estate agents reach financial independence.

My focused vehicle for the delivery of that message will be this podcast. Jerry gave me permission to simple down to focus. Focus on the podcast. Take material discussed on the podcast and expound and dive deep of the details in the member newsletter, turn podcasts into emails, and emails driven by the podcast into Facebook group posts.

The epicenter of the lovable message will be focused on and through the podcast.

And you my sweet earned listener, my friend, you will be the direct beneficiary of that focus.

You’ve already experienced the love with the recent increase of episode frequency. The more you do what you love that also benefits the greater good, the better and better and better you get.

Focus is great advice. Apply it to your life and your business now. If you want to launch your newsletter, and you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do as you build your lovable business.

Focus. Spend intentional time each and every day working on the newsletter until the first issue flies from your fumbling fingers.

If you need to clean up your database in order to launch your proper communication plan. Set focused time aside now. And work on it, Work on it. Work on it… until it is done.

Always remember, your focus determines your reality. I know it does mine.

Thanks for listening to this episode of the podcast.

In order for me to make this podcast great we need subscribers, we need ratings, and we need reviews. Do me a huge favor and take ten seconds out of your day today and make sure you’re subscribed, leave a rating, and a review, and of course share the love with a friend.

And always always always choose to have a great day my friend. 

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