#079: Lead Generation Tip #1 (Apply this three tiered tip to your lead generation and all your money woes will wane)

In real estate sales, the lifeblood of your business is… and are… LEADS!

You must have leads in order to survive long enough to build a lovable business.

We kickoff the Lead Generation Tip content segment with discussing the tip of the three tiered iceberg.

Most all agents ONLY consider the first tier. I will explain all three, and why tiers two and three are more important in building a lovable business the first tier.

And why tier three is more impactful to whipping your money woes than tiers one and two combined… maybe by a factor of ten!

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Listen the Lead Generation Tip #1 now:

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  • Julie Magill

    Reply Reply September 6, 2019

    I really enjoy your podcasts. You are pretty brilliant. I am such a high energy individual and I am also riddled with add, lol. I pretty much fill my plate and two or three more plates everyday and I am adding to those plates with your info! Ugh. I need to clear a plate or two and implement some of your ideas. Keep em coming!

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